Title: Evryscopes: monitoring the entire sky for exciting events from MLO and Chile

The Evryscope is a new type of array telescope which monitors the entire accessible sky in each exposure. One Evryscope covers the Southern hemisphere from Chile, and we will soon deploy another Evryscope to cover the North from Mount Laguna Observatory. Each telescope, with 700 MPix covering an 8000-square-degree field of view, builds many-year-length, high-cadence light curves for every accessible object brighter than ~16th magnitude. Every night, we add more than a billion object detections to our databases, enabling the detection of exoplanet transits, microlensing events, nearby extragalactic transients, and a wide range of other short timescale events. I will discuss our science plans, SDSU’s new Evryscope at MLO, the big-data analysis required to explore the petabyte-scale dataset we are collecting over the next few years, and the first results from the Southern Evryscope.