Seven students of various ethnic backgrounds stand shoulder to shoulder outdoors
From left to right: Yasmin Afshar, Kiley Mayford, Jordan Ealy, Kelcey Davis, Erika Gwin, Kara Whitaker, Jose Ruiz Casias

The Department congratulates Yasmin Afshar, Kiley Mayford, Kelcey Davis, Kara Whitaker, and Jose Ruiz Casias on their recently-rewarded Cal-Bridge scholarships to support them as they work toward graduate school and careers in astronomy and physics. The Cal-Bridge program is supported by a $5 million grant from the National Science Foundation, and involves a consortium of 15 CSU and 9 UC campuses. Students receive guidance from their CSU and UC mentors on building research skills and preparing for graduate school. Jordan Ealy and Erika Gwin are 2018 recipients of Cal-Bridge scholarships.