San Diego State University is unique in The California State University system: we have the only independent astronomy department, and we operate a research observatory on Mount Laguna, a short drive east of San Diego.   Astronomy courses taught by our faculty include classes designed for those interested in a broad overview of our knowledge of the universe, as well as those students interested in pursuing a major in Astronomy or Physics.

SDSU offers two degrees at the bachelor’s level with specialization in Astronomy: the B.A. degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the B.S. degree in Applied Arts and Sciences. These degree plans are similar in their emphasis on astronomy, physics, and mathematics. The B.A. degree requires, in addition, competency in one foreign language, while the B.S. degree requires additional coursework in astronomy and related disciplines.  The following links provide details on the courses required for these degrees, as well as for a minor in Astronomy:

The Astronomy department also offers opportunities for financial support and recognition to our undergraduates for exceptional academic achievement or service activities.  See our page on Scholarships & Awards for more details.

Some information on potential career paths for students pursuing Astronomy or Physics degrees can be found at the following links:

For further information about the undergraduate courses or degree programs, see our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact the Astronomy Department Undergraduate Adviser Dr. Orosz: jorosz[at]