First Evidence Discovered of a Gigantic Remnant Around an Exploding Star

An image of the Andromeda galaxy showing the location of the erupting star with green crosshairs. Its eruptions have been so powerful that they have generated a large remnant, visible as an arc to the right of the nova site.


In January 2019, SDSU Astronomy professor Allen Shafter and former SDSU postdoc Martin Henze were part of a research team announcing the discovery that a star system in the Andromeda galaxy (called a nova) has been erupting regularly for millions of years.  The system erupts when one of the stars pulls some material from the other star onto its surface.  This particular nova erupts far more frequently than others of its kind, suggesting that it may eventually explode in a special event known as a Type Ia supernova.

Read more about this exciting discovery at the SDSU News Center.


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