Title: The Relationship Between Galaxies and the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe

I will describe our current understanding of the relationship between galaxies and the large-scale structure of the Universe, often called the galaxy-halo connection.  Galaxies are thought to form and evolve in the centers of dark matter halos, which grow along with the galaxies they host.  Large galaxy redshift surveys have revealed clear observational signatures of connections between galaxy properties and their clustering properties on large scales.  For example, older, quiescent galaxies are known to cluster more strongly than younger, star-forming galaxies, which are more likely to be found in galactic voids and filaments rather than the centers of galaxy clusters.  I will show how cosmological numerical simulations have aided our understanding of this galaxy-halo connection and what is known from a statistical point of view about how galaxies populate dark matter halos.  This knowledge both helps us learn about galaxy evolution and is fundamental to our ability to use galaxy surveys to reveal cosmological information.