close-up of Douglas Leonard

Douglas C. Leonard, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Outreach and Media Representative
dleonard@sdsu.edu | Phone: 619-594-2215 | Office: P-238

Research Interests:
Supernova explosion geometry and physics as revealed through spectropolarimetry; supernova progenitor stars

close-up of Jerome Orosz

Jerome Orosz, Ph.D.

Professor, Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor (he/him/his)
jorosz@sdsu.edu | Phone: 619-594-7118 | Office: P-241

Research Interests:
Binary stars, stellar mass black holes, transiting exoplanets

close-up of Robert Quimby

Robert Quimby, Ph.D.

Professor, MLO Director
On sabbatical leave, Fall 2021
rquimby@sdsu.edu | Phone: 619-594-1013 | Office: P-233

Research Interests:
Observational cosmology, supernovae, astronomical transients.

Dr. Quimby’s Personal Website

Headshot of Kate Rubin

Kate H. R. Rubin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (she/her)
krubin@sdsu.edu | Phone: 619-594-2623 | Office: P-237

Research Interests:
Extragalactic astronomy, galaxy formation and evolution, galactic winds and feedback, the circumgalactic medium, QSO absorption line spectroscopy

Dr. Rubin’s Personal Website

Headshot of Eric Sandquist

Eric Sandquist, Ph.D.

Professor, Department Chair (he/him/his)
esandquist@sdsu.edu | Phone: 619-594-2694 | Office: P-134

Research Interests:
Stellar evolution, theoretical astrophysics, galactic star clusters, blue straggler stars, stellar collisions

Dr. Sandquist’s Personal Website

close-up of Bill Welsh

William F. Welsh, Ph.D.

Professor, Lab Coordinator (he/him/his)
Interim Mt. Laguna Observatory Director, Fall 2021
wwelsh@sdsu.edu | Phone: 619-594-2288 | Office: P-235

Research Interests:
Interacting binary stars, extrasolar planets, time series analysis, transiting exoplanets, accretion-powered systems: AGN, CVs and X-ray binaries

Dr. Welsh’s Personal Website


close-up of John Horst

John “Chuck” Horst, M.S.

Adjunct Professor
jhorst@sdsu.edu | Phone: 619-594-1405 | Office: PA-123

Research Interests:
Extragalactic astronomy, supernovae, galaxy formation, information technology

close-up of Sumangala Rao Sudhakar

Sumangala Rao Sudhakar, Ph.D. M.Sc.

Lecturer, Adjunct Professor at Southwestern College
sraosudhakar@sdsu.edu | Office: PA-220

Teaching Interests:
Solar system astronomy, exoplanets, stellar evolution

close-up of Gur Windmiller

Gur Windmiller, M.S.

Lecturer, Adjunct Faculty at Grossmont College
gwindmiller@sdsu.edu | Office: PA-220

Research Interests:
Binary and hierarchical star systems, planet detection, circumbinary planets, isochrones

Andrew T. Young close-up

Andrew T. Young, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor
Phone: 619-594-5817 | Office: PA-219

Research Interests:
Astronomical photometry, atmospheric physics

Personal Website