Angione close-up

Angione, Ronald J.

Professor and Director Emeritus
Ph: 619-594-6183 | Office: PA-129

Research Interests:
Observational stellar astronomy, binary stars, galaxies, QSOs

Daub close-up

Daub, C. Ted

Professor Emeritus
Ph: 619-594-1414 | Office: PA-130

Research Interests:
Stellar astrophysics, planetary nebulae

Paul Etzel close-up

Etzel, Paul B.

Professor and Director Emeritus
Ph: 619-594-6169 | Office: PA-128

Research Interests:
Stars, algol binaries, eclipsing and spectroscopic binaries

Talbert close-up

Talbert, F. D.

Associate Professor Emeritus
Ph: 619-594-6392 | Office: PA-127

Research Interests:
Galactic structure, galactic clusters, celestial mechanics

Andrew T. Young close-up

Young, Andrew T.

Adjunct Professor
Ph: 619-594-5817 | Office: PA-219

Research Interests:
Astronomical photometry, atmospheric physics

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