Current Graduate Students

Mike Engesser
Teaching Associate
Email: mengesser[at]
Research Interests: transient science (supernovae), high density objects (neutron stars and pulsars), computational physics
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Douglas Leonard
Hobbies: running, competitive gaming, pressure cooking
Chrystopher Goodteacher
Graduate Student
Research Interests: exoplanets, solar system evolution
Hobbies: reading, video games
Jose Carlos Torres Hernandez
Graduate Student
Email: jctorresh7[at]
Research Interests: galaxy formation and evolution, supernovae, statistical models, machine learning
Hobbies: running, reading, hiking, and exploring California.
Christian Juarez
Graduate Student
Email: chris.juarez01[at]
Research Interests: galaxy evolution/formation
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Kate Rubin
Hobbies: music production, video games, playing guitar
Lauren Miller
Graduate Student, Teaching Associate
Email: laurenpmiller9618[at]
Research Interests: exoplanets (emission/transmission spectroscopy, transits, eclipses)
Thesis Advisor: Dr. William Welsh
Hobbies: watching films, reading books, traveling to/exploring new locations, experiencing new cultures through food, researching my family heritage, drinking caffeinated beverages (tea or coffee), and going to concerts
  Shagun Ray
Graduate Teaching Associate
Email: shagunray[at]
Research Interests: galaxy formation/evolution, transiting exoplanets, dark matter halos
Hobbies: snowboarding, powerlifting, eating, rock climbing, and gaming
Raymond Remigio
Teaching Associate, Graduate Research Assistant
Email: raymond.p.remigio[at]
Research Interests: dark matter, dark energy, black holes
Hobbies: video games, Japanese anime/manga, Japanese karaoke
Quentin Socia
Teaching Asscociate, Graduate Research Assistant
Email: quentin.socia[at]
Research Interests: exoplanets, binary stars, planetary atmospheres, cataclysmic planetary geology, solar system beyond Neptune
Thesis Advisor: Dr. William Welsh
Hobbies: preservation of video games, video games as literature, science fiction cinema of the 1980s
Stephanie Stawinski
Lead Teaching Associate, Graduate Research Assistant
Email: ststawinski[at]
Research Interests: QSO absorption line systems, intergalactic and circumgalatic medium, galaxy formation and evolution
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Kate Rubin
Hobbies: camping, softball, music
Peter Wysocki
Graduate Student
Email: pwysocki[at]
Research Interests: exoplanets, supernovae, instrumentation
Hobbies: watching action/adventure movies, talking with friends about K-pop or Marvel movies, video games, learning astronomy!
Mitchell Yenawine
Graduate Research Assistant, Teaching Associate
Email: myenawine1[at]
Research Interests: binary stars, hierarchical triple star systems, exoplanets, minimization techniques
Research Advisor: Dr. William Welsh
Hobbies: over-analyzing TV/movies, puzzles, competitive video games, cooking

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