Horst, John “Chuck”

Adjunct Professor
jhorst[at]mail.sdsu.edu | Ph: 619-594-1405 | Office: PA-123

Research Interests:
Extragalactic astronomy, supernovae, galaxy formation, information technology


Leonard, Douglas C.

Associate Professor, Outreach and Media Representative
dleonard[at]mail.sdsu.edu | Ph: 619-594-2215 | Office: P-238

Research Interests:
Supernovae, physics of supernova explosions, observational cosmology, black holes

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Jerome Orosz

Orosz, Jerome

Professor, Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor
jorosz[at]mail.sdsu.edu | Ph: 619-594-7118 | Office: P-241

Research Interests:
Binary stars, stellar mass black holes, transiting exoplanets

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Quimby, Robert

Associate Professor, MLO Director
rquimby[at]mail.sdsu.edu | Ph: 619-594-1013| Office: P-233

Research Interests:
Observational cosmology, supernovae, astronomical transients.

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Rubin, Kate H. R.

Assistant Professor
krubin[at]sdsu.edu | Ph: 619-594-2623| Office: P-237

Research Interests:
Extragalactic astronomy, galaxy formation and evolution, galactic winds and feedback, the circumgalactic medium, QSO absorption line spectroscopy

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sandquist close-up

Sandquist, Eric

Professor, Assessment Coordinator
esandquist[at]mail.sdsu.edu | Ph: 619-594-2694| Office: P-243

Research Interests:
Stellar evolution, theoretical astrophysics, galactic star clusters, blue straggler stars, stellar collisions

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Shafter, Allen W.

Professor, Department Chair
ashafter[at]mail.sdsu.edu | Ph: 619-594-6170 | Office: P-134

Research Interests:
Interacting binary stars, cataclysmic variables, extragalactic novae

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Bill welsh close-up

Welsh, William F.

Professor, Lab Coordinator
wwelsh[at]mail.sdsu.edu | Ph: 619-594-2288 | Office: P-235

Research Interests:
Interacting binary stars, extrasolar planets, time series analysis, transiting exoplanets, accretion-powered systems: AGN, CVs and X-ray binaries

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